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We solve Long Queues efficiently

Qtic is your ultimate solution for efficiently managing and eliminating long queues. Our innovative eTicketing platform streamlines the ticketing process, allowing attendees to bypass long waiting times and gain quick access to events and concerts. With our secure QR code tickets and user-friendly interface, Qtic ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for both event organizers and attendees, saving valuable time and enhancing overall satisfaction. Say goodbye to long queues with Qtic’s efficient queuing solution.


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Customise eTicket

Your one-stop destination for customized eTicket design!

We understand the importance of creating a unique and visually appealing ticketing experience for your events and concerts.

Our expert team is dedicated to transforming your ticketing process by offering personalized eTicket designs that reflect your brand identity and captivate your audience.

Mobile App Scanning

Introducing the Qtic Mobile App – your essential tool for seamless eTicket scanning!

Our user-friendly mobile app is designed to make the ticket validation process effortless and efficient. With a simple scan of the QR code on each eTicket, event staff can instantly verify ticket authenticity and grant access to attendees.

The Qtic Mobile App provides real-time scanning capabilities, ensuring a smooth entry experience for your events and concerts. Say goodbye to long queues, checking on excel file and paper tickets, and embrace the convenience of our mobile app for secure and hassle-free ticket scanning.

Organizer Dashboard

Your comprehensive solution for effortless event management and attendance tracking.

Our intuitive backend system empowers event organizers with real-time access to detailed attendance information and analytics.

From the number of tickets sold to attendee demographics, our Organizer Dashboard provides you with valuable insights to make informed decisions and optimize your event strategies.

Qtic’s Organizer Dashboard streamlines your event management process, giving you the tools you need to deliver exceptional experiences. Take control of your events and unlock the full potential of your data with the Qtic Organizer Dashboard.

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